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The Brighton Lanes are a collection of narrow lanes in Brighton where you have nice little shops to visit and where you can eat and drink in amazing British teashops.

Every year, we head to Brighton to enjoy these lanes. Being most of the time in Brussels, we wanted to recreate this atmosphere in our hometown. 

Ahout us

It's always teatime...

Tea Jolie is the English “translation” of Thé Jolie or T’es Jolie in French. Because at Tea Jolie, we want you to feel loved and beautiful in a cosy environment.

Tea Jolie offers afternoon teatimes, cream teas, tasty cakes and cupcakes.
And so much more.

You can also find us during the weekends for brunch (pancakes, English breakfast,…). During the week, we offer lunch.

Everything in the British way of life – simple but good. And also homemade with local products. 

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Our Team


prefers her scones with cream first.


puts more cream on the scone
than the scone itself.


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Tea Jolie

It's always teatime!